Night Hawk (Bamboo)

$ 90

The Night Hawk template features upright side fins with a center fin that is smaller and a little more raked out with less surface area then the side fins. This creates a fin template that draws tighter arcing turns in the pocket and offers easy release when you want it. This version features a bamboo core and the center fin has a carbon fiber horizontal base (no carbon in the side fins) which allows the side fins to flex more to generate speed while the smaller center fin feels a little more sturdy with the carbon that allows back footed surfers to still push off their back foot to create drive with out slipping. They perform just as well in smaller barreling surf as they do snapping turns into the lip or flying above it. They turn easily at high speeds and are also conducive to throwing big arial maneuvers if you are so inclined. One of our most popular fins to date, and features the beautiful artwork of one of our favorite artists, Luke Turner (@youresocool_). 

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