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Hemp Tech.

 Our first and most eco-friendly fin technology we have created. Our Hemp Tech. fins feature a sustainably sourced cork core, glassed with layers of woven organic hemp linen and Entropy's bio-based Super Sap resin.

Learn more about our Hemp Tech. here. 

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Mushroom Tech.

Our line of Mushroom Tech. fins feature an organic mycelium core, grown with the help of our friends at Ecovative Design. The mushroom/mycelium is grown using bi-products of the agricultural industry. Easily one of our most popular fin technologies amongst team riders and customers.

Learn more about our Mushroom Tech. here.

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Coconut Tech.

Our Coconut Tech. fins feature cores made from recycled coconut husks fused with Entropy Resin's Super Sap bio-epoxy resin. The grains and fibers from the husks that make up these cores create a beautiful natural aesthetic, while the bio-based epoxy allows them to flex in a unique way. The end result are fins that uphold the performance demands of our team riders in a variety of conditions with a pleasing tropical flare. 

Learn more about our Coconut Tech. here.

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Skate Tech.

For our first batch of Skate Tech. fins we thought it would be appropriate to help Huckleberry team rider and surf and skate aficionado, Kalani David, offset a part of his carbon foot print by recycling his very own ridden and destroyed skateboard decks. The wood veneer cores are made from his busted decks that we stack and cut to create a colorful striped wood aesthetic from the different colored plys. 

Learn more about our Skate Tech. here.

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Pineapple Tech.

Our Pineapple Tech fins feature  layers of woven  natural pineapple plant fibers. The pineapple fiber cloth replaces standard fiberglass cloth used in most fins, and these layers surround a sustainably sourced cork cork. We top it all off by using Entropy resin's Super Sap bio-epoxy to glass them, resulting in a flexy, snappy, and super lightweight fin that achieves the highest levels of sustainability ever in the history of fin construction. 

Learn more about our Pineapple  Tech. here.

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Beer Tech.

We are quite proud to announce we figured out how to make fins from beer! Well actually the cores to these fins are 3D printed using a flexible light wight PLA bio-plastic filament infused with the waste bi-products of the beer brewing process. Unlike surfing with a belly full of beer, these fin cores full of beer, provide a light poppy but reliable feel and flex that will have you pulling confidently into kegs in the ocean, when you aren't tapping them on land.

Learn more about our Beer Tech. here.

Shop Beer Tech. fins here.

Coffee Tech.

Our new Coffee Tech. fins feature cores that we 3D print using a PLA bio-plastic filament that is infused with the bi-products of the coffee brewing process. Incase you have to forgo your morning coffee dawn patrol ritual, the lightweight and flexy coffee cores will provide you with a little extra pep in your surfing that only coffee can provide. 

Learn more about our Coffee  Tech. here.

Shop Coffee Tech. fins here.

Mango Tech.

Our Mango Tech fins feature sustainably sourced mango tree wood veneer cores. The pronounced grains of the mango tree wood create a stunning natural beauty to the fins while also creating reliable and sturdy performance characteristics our team riders love in more powerful wave conditions. 

Learn more about our Mango  Tech. here.

Shop Mango Tech. fins here.

Cork Tech.

Our Cork Tech. fins feature a sustainably sourced cork core, made from the bark of cork trees. It is an organic alternative to honeycomb cores that has gained popularity amongst our team and customers.

Learn more about our Cork Tech. here.

Shop Cork Tech. fins here.

Eco-Resin Fins

For those of you who are just unwilling to ride anything else other than your trusty honeycomb core fins, we thought we would try to make our own eco-friendlier version. Our Eco-Resin fins feature the same honeycomb/fiberglass construction you are used to, but are glassed using Entropy Resin's Super Sap bio-epoxy. The end result are lighter and better performing fins with with less toxicity in their construction. 

Learn more about our Eco-Resin fins here.

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Hemp Tech. Core Fins

We are excited to announce our new addition to the Hemp. Tech. fin family. The Hemp Tech. Core fins are made with cores that we 3D print using a PLA bio-plastic filament that is infused with natural hemp fibers. These fins also feature a mixture of woven hemp fiber and woven volcanic basalt fiber flex reinforcements to concentrate the flex in desired areas of the fin. The end result are trusty fins that perform in a variety of conditions, and continue to redefine the term "high" performance.  

Learn more about our Hemp  Tech. Cores here.

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