Matador - Kai Mana Henry Signature (Mushroom Tech./Carbon)

$ 115

The Matador large template is Kai Mana Henry's go to template. It features a large base, a fair amount of surface area, a flat foil on the inside of the side fins, and decent amount of rake to provide Kai Mana with the hold, drive, and confidence he needs to power through gnarly foam ball barrel sections and crank some of the most powerful turns we have ever seen. For this version of Kai Mana's signature Matador fins, we added a mushroom core and carbon fiber in the base and tips to focus the speed generating flex of the mushroom cores to the center of the fin while stiffening the bases and tips to create a more reliable, sturdy, and drivey feeling for the types of waves he likes to surf. This all makes for a truly high performance fin that withstands the power of both Kai Mana and the North Shore barrels he likes to pack. 


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