L5 (Mushroom Tech.)

$ 110
Base Type:

The L5 is our medium version of our L3 template. Our L series templates feature a speed generating foil on the insides of the side fins. The L5 is closer to a neutral template in terms of being upright or raked out. This means that the fins are versatile and will draw out medium arcing turns. The side fin foils, coupled with our Mushroom Tech. cores will add extra speed to your surfing and allow for a little more flex and release for maneuvers into the the lip of the wave. Whether you are surfing knee high or slightly overhead waves, our L5 Mushroom Tech. fins will have you flying down the line and accelerating through your maneuvers with precision and control. A good go to fin for people who don't venture out into surf thats much bigger than head high or one or two feet overhead. 

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