Dream Weaver (Mushroom Tech./Eco-Resin)

$ 130

The Dream Weaver is a large upright template. These thrusters are perfect for larger surfers looking for a larger fin that goes well in smaller surf. The larger surface area allows for drive in smaller waves, while the upright template allows for these fins to turn tighter arcs in smaller pockets, and to release easily while throwing your tail into the lip. The organic Mushroom Tech. cores, grown with the help of Ecovative Design, coupled with Entropy Resin's Super Sap bio-epoxy resin, provides a speed generating spring, that will propel you down the line and through your maneuvers. This unique flex is perfect for arial surfing, providing you with springy pop to launch, as well as a forgiving flex for soft landings on the way back down. We added a hemp/basalt woven fiber base to these fins to add a little stiffness and to create more drive while concentrating the flex closer to the tip to aid in speed generation and control. While exceeding the performance standards of our team riders, these fins are also some of the most eco-friendly fins ever created, and we are pretty stoked on that and hope you will be too.

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