Night Hawk (Bamboo)

The Night Hawk is a medium template built for speed and turning on a dime. It features speed generating foils on the side fins, and a smaller center fin. This means you will have no problem hauling through flat sections and releasing your tail when you finally find a section to hit. It excels in punchy beach break surf and can handle waves in the ankle high to a foot or two over head range, and if you like to take to the sky, the Night Hawks are an excellent choice to launch you to the skies. This version features bamboo cores in all three fins, and we added a horizontal strip of carbon to the just the base of the center fin. The bamboo without carbon in the side fins creates more speed generating flex in the side fins, while the carbon in the base of the smaller center fin, creates a more drivey and sensitive flex in the tip of the center fin that back footed surfers will love. Complete with artwork by our intern turned full time creative Huckleberry art ambassador, Luke Turner.

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