Jaws Quad (Sean Ordonez x Huckleberry)

The Jaws Quad is a collaboration between Huckleberry and Maui's master shaper Sean Ordonez of S.O.S. surfboards. Sean has been the man over the years shaping the boards for Huckleberry founding fathers, Dege O'Connell and Albee Layer, for their pursuits out at the legendary Maui big wave, Jaws (Peahi). Sean has specifically designed this quad set up to be ridden in waves most of us couldn't even fathom dropping in on, with foils ideal for slicing through the powerful and wind swept faces at Jaws or other massive waves where quad step-up/guns are required. The solid fiberglass construction provides sturdy reliable fins that are easy to maneuver at high speeds and won't hum. Perfect for those who surf big waves and hunt massive tubes. Albee and Dege tested and approved. 

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