L3 (Honeycomb)

$ 90
Base Type:
Fin Setup:

The L3 is one of our most popular small sized women's templates. It is an incredibly versatile fin that appeals to variety of female surfers looking for a fin to ride in a variety of conditions. The L3 template works just as well in tight pockets as they do in the air or open face. Smaller female surfers who are used to riding smaller fins, will find that the L3's will handle overhead surf just as well the ankle high. Slightly larger female surfers, who are used to riding medium fins, will find that these smalls still hold and have enough drive to generate speed, but the slightly smaller profile will allow for more release and high performance surfing in smaller waves than one would expect out of a small fin. Our honeycomb version is available in thruster, quad, and five-fin packages. 

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