Slashers (Kalani David signature)

The Slashers are a medium large template that we added to our line for Kalani. While the Mana template has been a favorite of Kalani's, he felt as though he might benefit from a wider base creating a little more drive and hold in more powerful barreling waves. He also wanted a fin that he could still get radical with into and above the lip. The wide bases coupled with the diagonal carbon fiber lay-up create a sturdy, reliable and drivey feel when bottom turning in the flats or knifing a late one into the pit, while the honeycomb core adds a little more flex in the tips that allows for speed generation and release when engaging the lip. These bad boys are a super versatile template that will work just as well for a smaller surfer looking for a fin to handle bigger waves, as they do for larger surfers looking for a fin to do it all.

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