Slasher (Eco-Resin)

$ 110

The Slashers are a medium large template that suit smaller surfers in bigger waves and bigger surfers in smaller waves. This template features the base of a large fin while the tip is closer to the profile of a medium fin. The wide base adds drive and hold, while the tip profile allows for slightly tighter arcing turns and the capability for larger surfers to release them into the lips of waves. Our team riders have found these to be quite the versatile high-performance fins that can handle late steep drops into the barrel, while also being great for launching large technical airs into the flats. We matched the templates versatility with a versatile honeycomb comb construction that also suits many wave types and surfing styles. With this version of our Slasher template, we replaced the standard poly resin with Entropy Resin's Super Sap bio-epoxy, which makes the fins a little lighter and more lively, and a lot more eco-friendly. 

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