Huck Force 2's

$ 100
Base Type:
Fin Setup:

The Huck Force 2's are a large template featuring a honeycomb core construction. This template is a perfect all around fin for larger surfers who prefer large fins. The smaller center fin in relation to the sides will all for larger surfers to easily release the tail, while the raked out profile of the side fins will still provide you with all the drive you need. Surfers who normally ride medium fins and feel like they aren't getting enough drive out of the mediums in smaller surf may like these as well, and find the extra rake and size on the side fins gives them the control and drive they need for grovel type boards or epoxy boards that sit higher in the water. The smaller center fin still allows you to slide the tail around or bust it above the lip. The honeycomb core is the perfect compliment to this template, making them incredibly versatile. Whether you like to bury your rail, huck airs, or pack some tubes, these fins can do it all, and can do it all in pretty much any sized surf.  They are available in thruster, quad and five-five options. 

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