Night Hawk - Albee Layer Signature (Hemp Tech.)

$ 140

The Night Hawk is a medium sized template that is great for fitting high performance maneuvers into tiny pockets. The fairly upright template with a smaller center fin is perfect for throwing airs like Albee, or at least trying to. The Hemp Tech. construction has been a favorite of Albee's since our first batch of hemp fins back in 2014, and after a couple of adjustments we are stoked to bring you Albee's first signature series Hemp Tech. fins. The cork core, hemp fiber, and Entropy Resin's Super Sap bio-epoxy create a super lightweight and eco-friendly fin that we know you will be stoked on. The carbon fiber layup concentrates the unique springy flex to the tip of the fin, while providing a sturdy base for generating drive. The end result is a fin that is all about pure speed and precision, and redefines the term "high performance" while setting a new standard in eco-friendly fin construction.


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