Matador (Mushroom Tech. - Medium)

$ 110

The Matador template has proven to be one of the most reliable and high performance thruster sets in our line. They really work best in good waves with some punch but some might find they work well in the smaller stuff as well. They feature a fairly wide base and a bit of rake to provide drive, and have become a favorite amongst our team riders in barreling surf. Whether its boosting huge airs, or knifing late drops into gnarly pits, the Matadors have got you covered. This medium version features our Mushroom Tech. cores grown from Ecovative Design's amazing mushroom/mycelium technology.  The cores create a unique snappy flex that is great for speed generation and and exploding through maneuvers. Our Mushroom Tech. Matadors are going to be the most flexible of all our Matador fins and will ride better in waves that require you to generate some speed and might be a little too flexible for larger surfers to ride in bigger more powerful overhead surf.  

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