Matador - Kai Mana Henry Signature (Mushroom Tech.)

$ 110

The Matador large template is Kai Mana Henry's go to template. It features a large base, a fair amount of surface area, a flat foil on the inside of the side fins, and decent amount of rake to provide Kai Mana with the hold, drive, and confidence he needs to power through gnarly foam ball barrel sections and crank some of the most powerful turns we have ever seen. This version of Kai Mana's signature Matador fins feature a mushroom core at their center and no reinforcing carbon fiber. The straight mushroom core and fiberglass construction create a lively feeling in the bottom of your board and provide you with plenty of speed generating flex. This flex comes at the cost of a little drive and hold, so Kai Mana prefers to ride this version of his beloved Matador template in smaller less powerful waves that call for maneuvers as opposed to threading powerful hollow tubes. The flex allows him to load up spring in his fins, and explode through his turns with the unrivaled power he is known for.   

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