Manas - Kalani David Signature (Skate Tech.)

$ 120
Base Type:

The Mana's are a medium sized, well balanced high performance template that can do it all in any kind of surf. The neutral profile isn't too raked out or too upright, which makes it a favorite of Huckleberry team rider, Kalani David, in the variety of wave conditions he surfs. You would be hard pressed to find a more talented individual than Kalani. The young man shreds everything from skateparks, to drum kits, to the ocean (or wave pools) with authority. We love watching him skate just as much as we love to watch him surf, so we thought we would create a fin for him that reflects his passion for both sports. The Skate Tech. Manas feature a core we created from recycling Kalani's very own ridden and busted skateboard decks. We layered a few busted boards and sliced them in a way that reveals the beautiful layers of the colored plywood in each deck. The cores are stiff at the base and flex more in the tips, similar to our normal wood core, bamboo core, and solid fiberglass fins. Kalani likes the predictable and sturdy feel these fins give him in powerful waves, while the medium template still allows him to bust the fins free through the lips of waves like they were coping on the top of his favorite half pipe. A truly versatile fin for a versatile athlete. Skate truck/wheel art by artist/surfer Burt (@burtlemen). Kalani and ourselves couldn't be more stoked to breath new life into these broken boards and extend the amount of shredding they have in them.

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