Manas (Kalani David signature)

The Manas are a medium template that have been a go to template for Huckleberry team rider Kalani David in everything from poor California beach breaks to macking Pipeline. Kalani liked the snappy but sturdy feeling of our original solid fiberglass construction, so we stuck with it and added some new graphics according to Kalanis preferences. The medium Mana template features flat interior foils on the side fins and a center fin that shares the same profile as the side fins. This creates a medium fin that can withstand the power of Kalani's turns and match the power of the waves he surfs. The template also features a medium amount rake that provides the drive Kalani needs to muscle through barrels and fly out of his bottom turns, but still allows him to blow his fins out the back and boost some of the gnarliest airs we have ever seen. 

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