M2 (Cork Tech.)

$ 90

The M2 is our medium version of our popular M1 template. It features a fairly wide base that provides the M2 fins with plenty of drive. The tips of the fins feature a medium rake, also providing drive, but the slimmer profile in the tips allow for flex and release. This combination of features creates a perfect fin set for someone looking for one set of fins to do it all. They are great for powerful turns and driving through barrels, while also having enough release for high performance fin-free maneuvers and airs. This version of our M2 template features our cork core and a carbon fiber base,  which stiffens up the fin a little more, offering more hold, stability and drive. The M2 Cork Tech. fins are perfect for those looking for a medium template that handles more powerful surf and performs just as well in the barrel as they do carving the face. and slashing the lip. 

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