M1 (Pineapple Tech.)

$ 145

The M1 is the perfect all around small high performance thruster set. The template features decent width at the bases of all three fins to provide drive, and have a fairly raked out profile to add even more drive. However, the profile of the fins thins out towards the tips to still allow for flex and release. The end result is a template that allows you to generate speed while feeling drivey and predictable. The M1 Pineapple Tech. features a natural and sustainably sourced cork core surrounding by layers of natural woven pineapple plant fibers that replace the standard fiberglass cloths used in most fins. Our Pineapple Tech. also features Entropy Resin's Super Sap bio-epoxy that replaces the standard poly resin used in most fins, and a horizontal carbon fiber layup in the base for durability and added drive. The end result is a flexible fin construction that, when combined with the M1 template, creates a fin that easily generates speed, but has more of a predictable and less snappy flex compared to our Mushroom Tech. fins. The flex is more forgiving and suits a more flowy and relaxed surfing style, with out sacrificing speed generation and drive. We are proud to say that these fins are some of the most eco-friendly fins ever made and uphold the performance standards of our talented team riders. 


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