M1 (Mushroom Tech.)

$ 110
Base Type:
Side Fin Colors:
Center Fin Color:

The M1 is the perfect all around small high performance thruster set. The template features decent width at the bases of all three fins to provide drive, and have a fairly raked out profile to add even more drive. However, the profile of the fins thins out towards the tips of the fins to still allow for flex and release through the tips. The end result is a template that allows you to generate speed while feeling drivey and predictable. The mushroom cores in this version of our M1 template add even more speed generating flex as well as more release. The mushroom cores allow you to load up spring in the fins and accelerate out of your bottom turns and explode through your maneuvers. Truly a versatile template that will get it done in a variety of wave conditions while possessing a little extra zip courtesy of the mushroom cores at the center of the fins. The all-over rose print adorning these fins was created by our good friend and talented surfer/artist Burt (@burtlemen), who wanted to give you the power to customize your set by selecting either white or black roses for each of the three fins. Whether you want all three fins black, or one side fin black with a white center and white side, or any other combo your heart desires, select the combo that appeals to you while supplies last!

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