Huck Force 1's - Dege O'Connell Signature (Mushroom Tech.)

$ 150
Base Type:
Fin Set:

The Huck Force 1 template is our most popular high performance thruster set, and has been a staple in the fin quiver of Huckleberry founding father and Maui surfing legend, Dege O'Connell. When we first learned that sticking mushrooms into the cores of our fins was possible from the lovely people at Ecovative Design, Dege was quick to express interest in fully endorsing this amazing eco-fin technology. The mushroom core is a perfect compliment to the Huck Force 1 template for small to slightly overhead surf. The mushies in the core provide an unrivaled flex and spring that will propel you through your bottom turns, and explode through your maneuvers. The Huck Force 1 has a smaller center fin in relation to the side fins, and with the added flex of the mushroom cores, you will be hucking your fins to the sky with ease, precision, and speed, while also accelerating through your turns. Now available in a five fin set option. 

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