Huck Force 1's (Eco-Resin)

$ 110
Base Type:
The Huck Force 1 template is our most popular medium sized high performance thruster set. It is perfect template for small to slightly overhead surf. The Huck Force 1 has a smaller center fin in relation to the side fins, while the side fins have a fair amount of rake to still provide drive and hold. This combination of a smaller center fin paired with fairly raked out side fins allows you to carve tighter arcing turns and to release the fins when needed with out sacrificing any drive. With the Huck Force 1's, you will be hucking your fins to the sky with ease, precision, and speed, while also accelerating through your turns, and staying locked into your lines through barrels. This version features a familiar honeycomb core, but uses Entropy Resin's Super Sap bio-based epoxy, which is far more eco-friendly than standard poly resin fins. We have found that this amazing resin makes the fins slightly lighter and a little more snappy and lively, making it a perfect compliment to the Huck Force 1 template.  Features graphics from a fluid acrylic painting by our talented friend Carson Wiser (@carson.wiser).
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