Huck Force 1's (Mushroom Tech. x Leif Engstrom)

The Huck Force 1 is one of the most popular medium sized high performance templates in our line. The raked out side fins provide the speed generating drive you need to accelerate through maneuvers, while the smaller more upright center fin adds the release you need to execute high performance maneuvers into and above the lip. It made sense when we were working with the lovely people in New York at Ecovative Design to create the Mushroom Tech. fins, that we also work with our New York based team rider, Leif Engstrom, to come out with his own signature Mushroom Tech. fins. Leif is one of the gnarliest all around surfers we have ever seen. Whether its packing gnarly tubes in Puerto Rico or boosting massive airs in the frigid waters of our north Atlantic coast, Leif's signature mushy core Huck Force 1's provide him with the extra speed and spring that compliment his explosive style of surfing. 

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