Huck Force 1's (Cork Tech. x Albee Layer)

The Huck Force 1 medium template is by far one of the most popular thrusters in our line. It has been a go to template for Albee layer since 2014, and after the creation of his signature Hemp Tech. Night Hawk thrusters, Albee still wanted a set of his trusty Huck Force 1's by his side. He also wanted to be able to offer a signature set of eco-friendlier fins at a more affordable price point to some than his Hemp Tech fins. We decided to take the natural and sustainably harvested cork bark veneers that were in the cores of our Hemp Tech. fins and put those on display by themselves, thus the Cork Tech. line of fins was born. The cork absorbs less resin than fiber glass and has a flex similar to standard honeycomb fins. This makes these fins a very versatile and high performance option that can be ridden in a variety of conditions. Complete with a unique natural flare and Albee's stamp of approval. 

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