Fly Dyes

The Fly Dyes are a smaller fin, recommended for riders up to 160 lbs. It features a speed-generating foil at the base of the side fins that works its way up to a flat foil through the tips. This foil paired with the honeycomb core construction produces a fin that will help you generate your own speed on smaller waves, while also providing you with a reliable template that will hold in the bigger surf as well. While we intended this fin to be ridden by smaller surfers and grommets, we have found larger more skilled surfers also love this template in waves up to head high. It has become one of Albee Layer's favorite fins for beach breaks and arial maneuvers. Truly a versatile template that will work well for smaller surfers in a variety of conditions, as well as providing a different feel to larger surfers looking to free the tail up a bit that wouldn't normally turn to small fins for their surfing pleasures. 

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