Enforcer (Mushroom Tech.)

$ 110

The Enforcer large thruster template provides plenty of drive from the fairly raked out and equally sized fins. It also has a predictable and reliable feel from the flat foils on the side fins. We added the mushroom cores to the Enforcer template, grown with Ecovative Design's mushroom technology, which adds a lot more flex and snap to these fins. The Mushroom Tech. Enforcers have a light springy feel with out sacrificing the drive our Enforcer template is know for. The end result is pure speed. We recommend riding these fins in smaller surf more lined up surf with open faces where generating your own speed is necessary. For heavier surfers, the Mushroom Tech. Enforcers will feel a little squirrelly in more powerful waves on your bottom turns due to the unique flex of these fins, but will feel buttery in waves with less steepness one the face and excels in point break surf in the head high range and smaller. The perfect combination of drive and flex will have you accelerating in and out of maneuvers, and flying through flat sections.


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