Day Hawk (Coconut Tech.)

$ 130

The best way to describe our Day Hawk template is a blend between our popular Huck Force 1's and our Night Hawk templates. The template features two side fins that are larger and a little more raked out than the center fin. The side fins' profile sits between the raked out Huck Force 1's side fins and the more upright Night Hawk side fins. The Day Hawk center fin is slightly  smaller and more upright compared to the side fins in the template, but not as dramatic of a size difference like in both the Huck Force 1's and the Night Hawks, who both have significantly smaller and more upright center fins the compared to their respective side fins. The end result is a fin that is built for high performance surfing in the air, on the open face, into the lip, and through the barrel. This version features our Coconut Tech. recycled coconut husk cores with a diagonal carbon fiber reinforced base and strategically placed carbon strip netting through the tips.  The coconut cores are generously flexible to create speed, while the carbon base and net stiffen the base and concentrate the flex through the tips to create drive and a controlled flex pattern with snap back memory to accelerate you through turns at high speeds and through powerful sections.  

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