Akila Aipa 2+1 (Mushroom Tech.)

$ 110

We couldn't be more stoked to team up with the Hawaiian surfboard shaping legend, Akila Aipa, to bring you his signature 2+1 template in our Mushroom Tech. construction. Akila's 2+1 template is a unique twin fin template with side fins that look like oversized normal shortboard fins as opposed to a more traditional keel twin shape, and an optional small center trailer fin that can provide a little more stability and hold if needed. Our Mushroom Tech. cores grown by our friends at Ecovative Design, combined with Akila's template create a flexible and speed generating set of 2+1's that go great in small waves and can work for lighter surfers in slightly over head surf. When ridden as just a twin set, the fins are very loose and suit a radical surfing approach, and adding the trailer provides a little more hold and predictability. A great option to provide you with a different feel in the bottom of your grovel board in small gutless waves.

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