Akila Aipa 2+1 (Coconut Tech.)

$ 120

We couldn't be more stoked to team up with the Hawaiian surfboard shaping legend, Akila Aipa, to bring you his signature 2+1 template in our Coconut Tech. construction. Akila's 2+1 template is a unique twin fin template with side fins that look like oversized normal shortboard fins as opposed to a more traditional keel twin shape, and an optional small center trailer fin that can provide a little more stability and hold if needed. Our Coconut Tech. cores combined with Akila's template create a flexible and speed generating set of 2+1's that go great in small waves and can work for lighter surfers in slightly over head surf. The recycled coconut husk cores are slightly stiffer than our mushroom version of these fins, but are still quite snappy and great for generating speed. When ridden as just a twin set, the fins are very loose and suit a radical surfing approach, and adding the trailer provides a little more hold and predictability. A great option to provide you with a different feel in the bottom of your grovel board in small gutless waves.

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