Products purchased through our online store are fully warrantied with proof of purchase to the original owner against defects in material for one year from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use (see list of specifics below). We strive to keep you stoked and give you the option to exchange items or to have your entire order refunded for items identified to have manufacturing defects. If you feel as though you have received an item that is defective, e-mail Ross in our service and warranty department at ross@huckleberrysurfco.com. He will gladly and promptly respond to any email sent regarding warranty issues or our return/exchange/refund process. The purchaser of the product is responsible for return shipping costs, but if a defect is confirmed and an exchange is desired, we will send you your exchanged items free of charge.    

For purchases made in a Huckleberry affiliated surf shop, please return the product to the original storefront from which it was purchased with your original receipt. From there, the shop will assist you in the refund or exchange of your purchase. 

Warranty Specifics:

  • Unfortunately with the nature of glassing in fin boxes to the bottom of surfboards as well as the sanding of the bases of our fins, slight inconsistencies in width, length and depth do arise. Here at Huckleberry, we hand inspect each individual fin to try to ensure that the fins we sell fit within an acceptable range of their intended dimensions. However, we must acknowledge and note that with all variables at play,  additional sanding or slight glassing may be required to the bases of our fins by the customer, to achieve an ideal fit with their specific board and fin boxes. These types of issues are not covered under warranty, but if you feel as though we have sent you  fins that do not fit properly, please e-mail Ross in our service department at ross@huckleberrysurfco.com to work together to reach a solution to these types of issues. At times exchanges may be deemed necessary, but unfortunately full refunds regarding this matter will not be offered. We want you stoked on your fins, so if you do feel as though there is an issue please reach out to us through our service department.
  • Our one year warranty unfortunately does not apply to the graphics applied to our fins. The graphics are not resistant to scratches caused by riding your fins into sand, rock, or reef, or any other surface, nor are they resistant to being haphazardly tossed around in the transportation of your fins and board to the beach. We urge you take care of your fins, use the recycled padded neoprene sleeves provided with the purchase of your fins, or a board bag to provide some padding and protection for your fins during storage and transportation. Our warranty cannot cover damages caused to your fins by your own decisions to try to stick airs onto shallow shorebreak landings, by packing tubes over dry reef, riding your board on your belly all the way in to the beach until your fins catch, or tossing your board into the back of your buddies pickup truck bed where it is free to slide around with other unsecured objects. 
  • Our one year warranty also does not cover damages caused to fins from over-tightening of the screws. Nor does it cover damages caused to the "c" section in the back of the base of the fin from prying stuck fins from the fin boxes. Salt water trapped in the fin boxes when it dries crystalizes and can make it difficult to remove the fins from the fin boxes. We urge you to be careful when removing stubborn fins, as to not break or crack the fiberglass "c" section of the fins' bases. 
  • Our one year warranty also does not cover clothing purchases where the articles of clothing have been washed, worn or tags removed. We urge you to be mindful of our sizing hints provided alongside the product description on each product's page. Most of the materials we use in our clothing line are susceptible to further shrinking in the wash. We recommend ordering a size or two larger than you would for items that are noted to shrink or are noted to be already running small in the general sizing for that garment. For questions on the sizing for specific items email Ross in our service department at ross@huckleberrysurfco.com.


We do allow returns on unused and and unworn items for thirty days from the date of purchase. We will offer a full refund; however, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. We will not reimburse you for return shipping costs. For questions reguarding returns or if you would like to return an item, please contact Ross in our service department at ross@huckleberrysurfco.com. He will gladly assist you with any returns or questions in one to two business days.  



By purchasing our products, and using them while surfing, you must acknowledge the inherent risks involved with the sport. Leashes snap, get tangled, and can wrap and constrict you. Fins are hard and sharp objects that can cut and bruise you. We cannot prevent these things from happening and cannot be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that may result from the use of our products while surfing. With that said, we hope that you stay safe and have fun in the water.